Building Management Systems (BMS)

About BMS

A Building Management System (BMS) or a Building Automation System (BAS) is a control system that can be used to monitor and manage the mechanical, electrical and electromechanical services in a facility. Such services can include power, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, physical access control, pumping stations, elevators and lights. 

A basic Landis and Staefa BMS may consists of software on a front-end PC supplied by leading technology partners such as Siemens and Tridium, where all building controllers can be connected to with the use of the latest network protocols. The most common and widley used in industry today is BACnet over IP allowing the integration of controllers through the existing building network or by installing a new IP network. The BMS system brings all the control systems points to a single interface, allowing the user to instantly monitor all building equipment and react to any alarm or faulty equipment. 

I.e., If a sensor reports data that falls outside pre-defined conditions, the BMS will trigger an alarm. In a data centre, for example, the BMS might trigger an alarm when the temperature in a server rack area exceeds acceptable limits, allowing for a quick response to the problem. 

Depending on your specific system requirements, Landis and Staefa can provide a BMS system that can be installed as a standalone application, or it can be integrated with other monitoring programs. More advanced BMSes that we can assist you with can control, monitor and manage a wide range of building services across multiple platforms and protocols, providing facility administrators with a single, shared view of the facility’s operations. 

BMS Servicing 

Like all good investments your BMS and Building equipment requires servicing and preventative maintenance to ensure up time, optimal running of the system, minimise costly breakdowns, ensuring you, your employees and your client’s comfort is maintained. 

By having a good maintenance team on site looking after your BMS investment and the related equipment attached to it, you are guaranteed to have equipment that will run more efficiently. Landis and Staefa offers a team of highly experienced engineers to recommend any beneficial updates or upgrades as the technology improves giving your system a longer life span. 

At Landis and Staefa we take the safety of your staff and clients seriously, so with our service agreements we ensure your Life Saving equipment controlled by the BMS is in perfect condition like fire containment or smoke extraction by running fire simulated tests, and ensuring you have full view of all your equipment connected to your BMS front end. 

Landis & Staefa Service is focused on providing you with the highest quality in maintaining your building automation.

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